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2020 PRICING: 

Full day photography session: 

  • Price 290 euros x day. (VAT included)
  • Delivery of 25 to 50 royalty-free digital images.
  • This session runs from 4 - 12 hrs.
  • Travel fee percentage to TBD.
  • Booking Subject: Full day


1-hour photography session:

  • Price 90 euros. (VAT included)
  • Delivery of 5 to 8 royalty-free digital images.
  • This session runs from 30 min - 1 hrs.
  • Booking Subject: 1 hr session


Single adventure outdoors photo: 

  • Price 25 euros. (VAT included)
  • Delivery of 1 royalty-free digital image.
  • This session runs from 10 - 15 min.
  • Booking Subject: Single


Session Includes:

  • Design of photoshoot: activity, weather, highlight. 
  • Photography session: 42 megapixels quality on a full-frame camera.
  • Image processing.
  • Speed delivery of images.
  • Optional bracketing, long exposure, and HDR. 
  • Unlimited usage of material, pay one time only.
  • Booking


Expeditions, leisure trips, and remote outdoors destinations contact here more details Subject: Expedition Planning.


Gear DISCOUNT codes for Hammock Gear and Vallerret for photography trips ask here Subject: Need the codes.


Licensed material: ask for prices Subject: License 


Mentoring and one on one coaching please send a message or email [email protected]+358  40 6542776 

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